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Start at the beginning - we have a 1952 So Cal Bungalow. The existing gas 'floor' furnace was replaced by a central heat and air system several years ago.

We were in the process of moving a wall, and imagine our surprise :eek: when we opened the wall and found a 5" pipe with the words (very faded) 'Timnisite Flue Pipe - For Gas Venting Only - J-082351-Z4'. It appears to be constructed of some type of impregnated mesh. We have been trying to determine if it is asbestos. Does anyone out there know if this is the correct name for the material and whether or not it is an asbestos compound?

We have already contacted an asbestos abaitment and they would not answer any questions without our having a test done.

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Wet a large area (keeps dust in saturation) and cut a small sample and send to a local test lab.

Or contact your local bldg authority. If they amount of material doesn't exceed a certain amount you may be able to legally remove it your self with proper precautions.

I know guys who would just douse it with water to keep the dust in suspension and rip it out.
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