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Need to re-run bath fan switch, is this acceptable..???

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I want to install a Levaton timer for my bath fan. Only problem is the current switch is an end run so no neutral. There is currently 14/3 running from the fixture to a dual switch (light and fan). My plan was to rerun a switch leg for the light and use the 3wire for the fan and timer. So at the fixture neutrals and grounds pigtailed to fan and timer, black runs to timer as hot and red is treated as the return hot.

Is there any issue with this? I dont believe so but I was not sure since the hots are essentially on a loop through and the neutral is not.

Wanted to be sure before I do it.
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I think I read you right. Running a new switch leg for the light, leaving the 14/3 in place and connecting the white to the neturals in the fan, feed the timer hot with the black, and red as the switch leg.
Works for me!
Thanks JB! Couldn't think of any reasons why I shouldn't do it this way, but I'd rather ask and be told I'm good then not and fry my arse.
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