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Need to "re-glaze" a clawfoot tub--any good experiences?

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Current claw foot tub is starting to rust around the drain. I would like to hear from someone who has actually has re-glazing or resufacing work done ---and was happy with it. ---About 20 years ago, I tried the process (with an outfit that specialized in resurfacing--- they had locations nationally). In my judgment, the process was nothing more than a paint job. It did not hold up. ----So has anything changed in 20 years? Any recommendations from people who have lived through the process? ---Jaes.
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I have had a few re-glazed over the years. My sub uses the "Perma-Ceram" system. It is a 2-part epoxy system that he sprays on. Prep work is of course critical, and if there is too much rust around the drain, and it is not removed completely, the rust will migrate to the finish. ("Rust Never Sleeps") I have returned to the jobs off and on and the tubs look fine and have never heard any complaints. However, I don't believe the surface is as durable as a factory finish, just a hunch. Also, Perma-Ceram is pretty specific about what cleaners to use. Anything too abrasive, like "Comet" or any other soap mixed with sanding grit, voids the warranty.
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