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My sister has a condo she wants to rent out. I've been doing some work there getting it ready. The bathroom pedestal sink did not have a shut off valve so I foolishly suggested I would install one. I've done a lot of sweat soldering and also pro press fit, the latter doesn't thrill me.

I cut the copper tubing which was chromed on the outside only to find the chrome made the copper tubing fatter so the 1/2" shut off valve would not fit, neither would a 1/2" coupler or a 1/2" sweat to threaded press fit. I went to the plumbing supply with the old cut off valve and was shown another bathroom shut off with the Copper tubing attached and a removable chrome sleeve that slides over the copper tubing. Going back to the condo, I couldn't get the sleeve of with pliers; I tried cutting a slit with an oscillating saw tool hoping to then peel it around and off, it was on solid as if it was chromed in place at the factory. I then took a Dremel tool hoping to grind the end smaller to be able to fit the 1/2" shut off valve on and then sweat the solder filling in the gaps. Well that was futile. I couldn't get it small enough nor round enough to fit the 1/2" over it. I tried the 1/2" press fit threaded coupler, same, couldn't get it over the tubing. I then cut the chromed tubing to remove the grinding area. I then soldered a copper nipple in the shut off valve, fitted 1/2" braided vinyl water hose over with 2 hose clamps, 1 on the chromed tubing, the other on the shut off valve nipple, blew the hose off; then I put 4 hose clamps on, 2 on the chrome tubing, 2 on the new valve with the copper nipple, blew the 2 hose clamps off. Last useless thought, make the tubing coarese, rough it up, put glue on the copper tubing and sprinkle sand in the glue, lol, or glue plumbers Emory cloth on the tubing, what type of glue, epoxy? then slip the hose over the Emory cloth. ???

I'm afraid if someone leaves the condo, goes out, or in the middle of the night, the hose comes off and floods. Shortcuts come back to bite you.

In a heart beat I'd take the sheetrock off and do it right, I've only been hesitant because the sheetrock is covered by wainscoating. Unless someone here has a better suggestion, that's what I'll do.


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