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Need to affix hanger to single decorative tile

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I dug out an old clock made of one single decorative tile and am replacing the movement. When I pulled the movement out the cardboard backing on the tile - that held the 'hanger' and 'easel stand' pulled off and fell apart. Apparently, the glue was only good for 15 years. :laughing:

The back of the tile has a 'rough' back (imprint from canvas it was 'laid' on). What should I use to glue a new hanger back onto the tile?

Thanks for any ideas....:thumbup:

On the plus side, I can still buy a movement made in the USA. :)
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Silicone caulk will work well for that------
Guerilla tape or glue.

Since there is no real weight to this thing you are hanging. See if you can find the type of hanger that is no more than a horizontal brass bar with notches. It will engage a brass brad head in the wall. A length of framing wire held in place with strong tap on either end will work. You can spot glue a miniature super magnet and have it engage a screw head in the wall for as flat an install as you want.
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