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Hey everybody, I am planning a fence project and am looking for some creative ideas.

I'm in a garden home and my side yard is part of my backyard. All of my exterior doors open to the side yard and I have patios there. My property line goes to my neighbors house and I'm working on the fence between my house and the neighboring house. It's roughly 9.5 feet wide. Currently there's an iron fence with gate in the middle. I'm replacing because my small dogs can get out between the iron bars and I also want to add privacy to my yard.

My plan is to install a wood fence, 5-6 feet tall, with horizontal slats. Here's where I need your creativity! I want the privacy of a slat fence but my dogs love to look out to the front. So I'm trying to come up with a cool and nice looking idea to leave between 1-2 feet open on the bottom of either the full fence or only the gate. But it needs to have some sort of guard so the dogs can't escape. And I want something nicer than chicken wire or anything like that. My ideas so far are some sort of iron insert but I imagine that would need to be customized and could get expensive. Then I thought a few rows of thick steel cable tightened with hooks on the posts. I thought this might look cool because I plan on staining the fence ebony color.

What do you think, should I leave just the bottom of the gate open or the complete fence? And do you have any other creative ideas to leave that space open but guard the small dogs?

Thanks for your ideas!

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Use some plastic lattice, weave it in/out/in/out from upright bar to bar.

It comes in 2 foot and 4 foot widths 8 feet long.

You could use some plexi-glass panels at the bottom too.

Definitely secure those little ones from escaping.

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