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Need Some Guidance on Breaker Size

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I have an inground pool and the pool automation control panel was installed along with the pool last year. The pool automation panel also serves as a subpanel for the pool equipment and is fed from a main service panel. I am looking to install a pool heat pump and I understand that the wiring and breaker will need to be upgraded.

Currently, the pool panel is fed from a main service panel that is ~3 feet away (shown below).

The feed from the service panel is wired with AWG 10 wire fed through a 30A type CH dual pole breaker (shown below).

The pool automation panel contains the following breakers, 20A dual pole for pool pump, and a 20A single pole for pool lights, and and GFCI receptacle (shown below).

The specs for the heat pump being installed are below.

I'm understand that the 30A dual pole breaker and wire from the service panel to the pool panel will need to be upgraded. My question is, what size breaker should be installed in the service panel and what size wire should be run to the pool panel to provide safe reliable service for the new heat pump as well as all the other existing shown equipment in the photos.

Thanks for the help!!

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you could use #6 or #4 copper #6 would give you 60 amps & #4 would give you 85 if i rember correctly. but you would need 4 wires because this would be a sub. the wires also would have to thhn or thnw.:smile::smile::smile:
Thanks! Would it make sense to pull #4 just to have future room to upgrade? What size breaker would I put in the service panel that is supplying to the sub panel?
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