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Need some advice on buying home termite & water damage.

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We are going to be closing on April 27. Maybe. I had the home inspected by a home inspector. This guy did not find much more than I had seen. But then the termite inspection came in with bad news. No current infestation but some damage. Had the home inspector come back and we both went under the house. Yes they be damage. Most of the damage is to the left front corner of the house, across 3/4 or so of the front of the house, under all doors to the outside.. Floor joist ends and bottom plate and band. Looks to be 1Xs for the flooring and the first floor board that is under the outside wall. Some parts we not able to get to as we have had lots a rain. Yes they be water under the house. Looks at one time it was about 10" deep where we went under the home. The down spouts are not set up right to get the water away from the house. I think the water problem can be fix easy enough. But what are the down side to having this water under the house for any time for the last 19 years. Back to the damage of the termites. The report says that some repairs have been done. Well I say they have been jerry rig at best. All I could find is about three boards been cut to go between the floor joists. I could still see the ends of the floor joist and see the damage to the joist.

Now for the windows they are wood double-glazed windows Looks to be in real good condition. Now the part that bothers me they have not been sealed on the out side of the house. No flashing on the tops of the windows or doors. the house has ceder siding vertical with 1X4s as trim around the windows. They be no sealant to be seen. On the inside I can see water stain and also with all the rain some of the wood under the windows and base boards are wet. So as I see it these windows has been like this for years and the water has been going into the walls as well.

They be two parts to termite damage, one would be what can be seen and one that cannot be seen as well with the walls under each windows. When we were under the house I could see wet boards under each location where each window would be.

Now I am into this house for some closing cost to this point. The home owners have sign the property condition disclosure stating that they be no problems with the house but at the same time they bought the house with the termite damage, so says the realtor. So they knew about this and they knew about the windows and at the same time it looks as if the realtor had info on the termite problem as well.

So what should I do walk away or try to get the home owner to fix all the problems? I feel I can get my money back since they lied in the first place.

Now if the termite report had came in sooner back before I told my banker to start the loan process or was told about this up front I would have walk away.

Need some input on this. :(

Thanks for your time.
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