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If you are looking for the best and fastest return, and not too worried about the budget, or if you are looking for a specific type of grass in your lawn, I would talk with a local hydroseeder. If you are looking for long term, durable, and are willing and able to sow, straw, and water it yourself, I would get a spreader and buy the seed from the local mill or garden center. I think Scotts and others are fine companies, but they typically work across larger regions than do your local guys. We have found that one of our local feed mills provides a very good mix as far as return on investment, and, following their advice, have been using a shady mix, as it works with or without sustained direct sunlight.

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Living in NJ you need a cool season grass.

Rather than going to HD , Lowes etc may I recommend looking at


They are both located in Florida, my state since move from Long Island.

Both sites give excellent info on cool vs warm season grass and offer tons of info on seeding, feeding etc.

Shipping from Florida may not be too bad.

i just had a 50 pound sack of agricultural product shipped from montana and shipping was only $35.

It's been my experience that ordering from either of these companies is way less expensive than the big box stores and they are experts in the field. Very helpful with any questions.

Great satisfaction in establishing your own lawn. As they will caution you MUST keep seed moist until fully established !!

Don't know size of your property but a 50 pound bag of Midnight bluegrass( an excellent cool season grass which is was easier then bentgrass) would do a bit between 1/2 and 1 acre. Cost is about $160 but you only need do this once. Sold by Hancock. Other varieties are also available.

Check out Seedland and Hancock and think this out.

Proper selection and proper establishment will give you an incredible lawn.
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