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My screen porch rebuild project is slowing moving forward. The rubber roof went up the other day. Thanks to this forum for suggesting that type of roof.

Now I'm looking for some ideas of how to cover (not paint) the ugly brick, inside and out, on the bottom part of the walls. It's 11" tall. I replaced the many broken ones earlier this year, so it's structurally sound, but looks could be greatly improved. I don't mind leaving the bottom course visible, none of those were replaced. At any rate, I was thinking of using some type of vinyl siding or maybe beadboard. Please be specific and suggest how to "finish" it. Once the screen goes up, the 2x4s will be capped with 1-1/2" x 1/4" strips, so will have to consider that for finishing the exterior. I'm looking for something inexpensive that looks good. Thanks.

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