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need idea's or help on team themed bedroom for my son

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I started my home renovation/repair/remodel about six months ago,as im at wall stage of it and then almost done, in my sons room, I bought the L.A. Lakers purple and gold themed paint . My problem is i dont know how i want the to use the colors, Im lacking in the creative department, From floor to ceiling Ive got new red oak hardwood flooring, 3 1/2 inch paint grade basemoulding, Casing, walls and some 2 1/2 inch crown at top, all paint grade, all sanded, primed and ready to go , If any help advice or ideas come to mind i would appreciate it, thanks again
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hey "jsherdan" Do you mean pics as the room is now just primed up? if so i can run down and snap a few now
hey everyone wow im sorry for the long delay, my only computer got a bottle full of the babys juicy still all over it, ended up getting a new a few hours ago, i just ready all the responces an i apoligize i just reread what i wrote and can see where what sounded right in my head didnt come out right in text,.............I have red oakflooring in the room, im running 3 1/2 inch baseboard and some 2 3/4 crown nether has been installed yet, but i sanded a bit and reprimed all the trim peices, and found after putting a super bright light in the room i had some spots to touch up ,
M1951, your point is well taken about about how i want it to look in a few years that is also very important to me, i dont wanna make it too hard on myself to change.
yes the purple and gold are great looking but too much of either could make it unpleasant, again im sorry everyone for the delay...i didnt wanna make a move untill i explore all the idea's or imput that i had hoped would be waiting here so maybe my unfortunate luck was for the good as i seen those spots that need attention
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