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need idea's or help on team themed bedroom for my son

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I started my home renovation/repair/remodel about six months ago,as im at wall stage of it and then almost done, in my sons room, I bought the L.A. Lakers purple and gold themed paint . My problem is i dont know how i want the to use the colors, Im lacking in the creative department, From floor to ceiling Ive got new red oak hardwood flooring, 3 1/2 inch paint grade basemoulding, Casing, walls and some 2 1/2 inch crown at top, all paint grade, all sanded, primed and ready to go , If any help advice or ideas come to mind i would appreciate it, thanks again
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Kids change their minds and tastes so fast I always cringe when colors too dramatic get mentioned or elaborate room designs have to be dismantled.

I was a painter by trade so guess I shouldn't mind painting over things.

I learned to love electrostatic decals and even adhesive vinyl ones I could have produced at the local large output graphics outlets.
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