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need idea's or help on team themed bedroom for my son

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I started my home renovation/repair/remodel about six months ago,as im at wall stage of it and then almost done, in my sons room, I bought the L.A. Lakers purple and gold themed paint . My problem is i dont know how i want the to use the colors, Im lacking in the creative department, From floor to ceiling Ive got new red oak hardwood flooring, 3 1/2 inch paint grade basemoulding, Casing, walls and some 2 1/2 inch crown at top, all paint grade, all sanded, primed and ready to go , If any help advice or ideas come to mind i would appreciate it, thanks again
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I am a painting contractor and did a boy's bedroom some years ago that was sports themed. One thing to keep in mind is that how you want the room to look a few years from now, when tastes change, could be very different. You can make your "next faze" easier if you keep that in mind. I would do the trim i.e. the crown, baseboards and door/window casings in a neutral off white. Purple and gold are both strong colors, to much of a good thing is hard to live with. What I did in the bedroom was to add 1 1/2" beaded mullion 12" apart at chairrail height and stenciled footballs, softballs, basketballs and other sport items in the middle of the mullion (I would do this on an off white background so the items show up well) You could do just the basketballs and LA logos. Above the chairrail do the gold and below the purple. My like is to add the weight to the bottom of the room, much of the purple would be hidden from sight with furniture and the gold on top would make the room warmer and brighter.
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If you go to
under paint finishes category you will see a pic of the bedroom I mentioned.
Joe, I am not the one doing the room or who started the thread. I am only giving advice on a job I did previously. The picture sharing site was for the purpose of the person who started the thread to see a sports themed room completed. Sorry if I confused you :).

NP Joe, In reading the original post (poster seems to be out of the loop) I feel they were saying that they have new floors in red oak, new baseboards-primed, walls and crown-primed ready to go, not oak walls, lol, but could be read that way. In rethinking this post with the red oak floors I might be tempted to do the walls all in the gold. Red oak and purple even with painted off white baseboards could be hard on the eyes. The purple could be brought in with many different ideas, i.e. painted squares on the wall as a background for logos, stripes or whatever. Would love to see some input from the original poster as to what they want.
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