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Need ideas for 1978 era kitchen makeover

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My home has dark walnut woodwork and was built in 1978. A previous owner painted all the kitchen cabinets white. My walls are white and I prefer that but I need ideas on what to do with the cabinets, countertops and flooring. The countertops are beige 4" square tiles and the backsplashes were mirrors when we bought the house! I put beige laminate up and got rid of the mirrors right away. The tile floor is a beige square and a little larger than the countertop tile.
The kitchen is on the small side so l presume that is why the former owner painted it white. The home is decorated with southwest accents. I am thinking about a creamy yellow for the cabinets or perhaps an antique white. The bar base could be painted the dark wanut color.
Any ideas?
Also has anyone refaced their kitchen and how costly is the process?

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Pics are always appreciated. You will get more responses that way too.
Pics of 1978 Kitchen

Here are a few pics to give you an idea of what it looks like.
I am having trouble finding my way around this site however you can view my kitchen pic's on my member website.
Painting the cabinets is less cost, more work on your part (or a good local painter). I did not see that you are wanting to change any of the tile work---- Is that right?? From the pics I saw (and maybe my eyes weren't working right then:laughing:)I did not see what the back side of the island is, the part that goes into the other living area. Are you wanting that to be redone?? I know that you mentioned that the bottom could be the dark walnut. Is that what you want?? Or do you feel that is what you are doomed to?? I also read that you covered up some mirror tiles, that was not apparent in your photos. Is that an area that you would like addressed.

There are soooo many quick fixes to any home issue, but if you want something that will not come back and haunt you, baby steps, baby steps. (I loved Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss in that movie!!!!!!!! What's the matter with Bob????) sorry I got off the track.

If you know what you want the space to look like, please post those wishes and or pics would be better. Once the board knows what you REALLY want, then the information and the processes will come.
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1978 era kitchen

Right before we got married my husband spent 3 years working on an old home.Started in 1977.We had the old refrig painted harvest gold to match the new stove & dishwasher.Joe repaired the damaged oak cabinets,which were in style then.My father in law made us an island,which we used as a table with high chairs.It was oak with beige formica tops.That's what most people had.One wall had Gold,orange & brown washable wallpaper with large flowers on it.The craziest thing was my Dad went to visit Joe one morning and found him chest high in the floor.The wood had just given way.First time my Father had gone to that house.Pulled him out of the floor.
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I had those dreaded avocado green appliances and thought I was looking good! :) I can vision the wallpaper you mentioned and I think I had that one time also. Oh the things we go through to make things better. That is funny about the guy falling through the floor but happy he was not hurt.
I just want to be rid of the all the beige in the kitchen. The rest of the home has dark walnut woodwork and I actually like the darker wood but since the kitchen is so small I want something else.
I want the tile countertops gone also. Would love granite countertops. I have already replaced those dreaded mirror backsplashes with beige formica.The tile floor has to go also. The bottom of the island area is painted white also with 2 cabinet doors on one side and one cabinet door on the other side. This will be a project for next year. I am just thinking ahead....I just do not know what I want...I am hung up on everything matching as far as woodwork. Today they mix all kinds of wood in the new homes.

Last December we had a major water leak that took out 5 rooms in the other side of the house and about a month ago our sewer backed up and took out the master bedroom (again), hallway and home office and of course both bathrooms. Our plumber told us that this fall after some much needed rain we will replace all lines going to the septic tank and need to tear out the master shower and replace shower pan etc. Oh Joy!
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I also forgot to mention that most of my cabinet doors do not close tightly. There is a slight gap and I thought perhaps the cabinets had been painted several times before we bought the house.
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