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OK, with all the stuff on the net I am lookiNG for a very simple set of home plans for a 30x40 or so barn style home ( REGULAR PITCH ROOF, NOT GRAMBLE STYLE).

I was going to buy some software and try my hand at making a set but think predone plans may be the way to go. However, I want it simple as that translates into less expensive during building for me, especially with the concrete/ foundation or daylight basement more corners means more $$$. four corners is enough.

with this economy I will be building a new home in a couple of year, out of pocket on 175 acres in Idaho. So that said I need some plans with a very open two bedroom plan with a loft or one bedroom up stairs. The home will face a 3 acre pond, so I want the facing side to be bright and have lots of glass.

seems everywhere I look there are plans but nothing rear simple like a barn home. many house plan places have "barn homes" in their plans but most are broken up inside and too many room.

any suggestions? I figure a 30x40 gives me a 1200 sq ft down stairs and another 400-500 up stairs makes agreat size home for my needs.

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