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I have currently gutted our 3rd and 4th bedroom along with the wall between the 2 rooms. My intent is to either install french doors or pocket doors between the 2 rooms. This will give my daughter more room as it will be one big room, or when needed close the doors and get the seperation.
Both rooms were orginally carpeted but I want to put down hardwood instead..

So, I have gutted the rooms and I have noticed that the subfloor is spongy in places. Its OSB or particle board and I would like to either replace it or drop plywood over the top of it.

My questions are this..

1 - Pulling up the original subfloor is a bit of a challenge as I would need some sort of close cut saw to cut close to the existing walls. Is there such a thing ? The other problem that in a few areas the osb sheet continues under the framed wall and into the master bedroom so I would only be cutting a certain section of that sheet of OSB. Is that a problem ?

2 - Is it not easier to drop down new plywood sheets over the top of the existing flooring ? Maybe 3/8's or 1/2 inch ? I realise that with the addition of hardwood flooring it will raise my floor up a bit, but I think that would be okay. However is this really the correct solution ?

Any advice would be appreciated.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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