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Need help with vinyl siding over ICF

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We have a ICF full walkout basement. We are installing vinly siding on one side of it, and fiberboard/stucco look on the other 3 sides. Is house wrap someting we need to install first?? We have heard it is not necessary with the ICF. If it is necessary, would nails hold? I think the windows and door should still be flashed and have drip caps. Is there a specific type/special installation procedure? Also, what type of screws would work best? I don't think nails would hold in the plastic strips. Any other helpful information would be appreciated!
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The ICF manufacturer should be able to tell you what fasteners to use in the ICF webs.

I've heard others with the story about no house wrap with ICF but I don't understand how the ICF can function as a water barrier since it has all those seams which will draw water to the concrete rather than let it run down a smooth wrb. Once it's past the foam surface then gravity will take it down behind the below grade waterproofing and the only place it can exit is inside the house.

I agree that you have to flash the windows and doors and any other openings. And I don't see how you can properly flash openings without a wrb to shed the water onto.
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