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I am getting ready to start the framing process next week and have one last opportunity to change my living room window placement that you can see in the image below on the right hand side in the middle. As you can see the living room is somewhere around 19ftx16ft.

This is a standard first floor with 9ft ceilings and no trays or fancy crown molding. I love the kitchen window placement but I'm not sold on the Living Room window placement. I'm open to ideas about furniture/couch layout for the living room as well, as I will buying some new furniture for the house.

We will have a TV in the basement and our "hope" is to have no TV on the first floor (but we have never lived without one on the first floor so there is a good chance we may put a TV back in the living room at some point and it would be nice to have an option to rearrange for both situations). Also there is currently no centerpiece or fireplace or anything that things will need to be arranged around. I thought this open layout looked great but now I'm panicking a bit, any advice?

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You have a nice big room with only two windows. I love a lot of Windows.
Not to ruin the option of having wall space in case you want to put a big
tv on the wall...I would put three or four Square Windows high up.
The bottom of the Windows would be about five to five and a half feet up, thus allowing for
a wall unit or wall tv underneath. The Windows don't have to operate, just
to let in natural light.

The same thing in the study, I would put in two narrow-ish
Windows on the right wall,
one on each end. First design a wall unit bookcase that the two Windows
would be inside of. Again, letting in natural light as well as cross ventilation.
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