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Need help with identifying and terminating "Traveler Wires" for a side entrance

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Need help with identifying and terminating "Traveler Wires" for a side entrance

Which wires are the "Traveler wires" on the "side entrance" in this layout drawing and what do I do with them if I have no use for them anymore? Terminate them together or just cover them each with black electrical tape?

I have a room with two entrances.
Below is a diagram of the lights (circles) and the corresponding switches that control each "zone" of lights. You can see nice colored arrows that show which switch controls which "zone" of lights. Arrows are color coded as well in the diagram to help you see which "zone" each light switch controls.

I am installing a Lutron Grafik Eye QS dimmer for the top left entrance to replace the bank of 3 switches.

On the other lower "side entrance" bank of switches (just two switches on this one) I am going to be totally removing those switches and the wires going to the "side entrance" (lower set of two switches in the layout drawing) and replacing them with a "wireless" switch that communicates with the Lutron Grafik Eye. The "wireless" switch does not need any of the wires going to that "lower left" side entrance which are currently used by the existing two switches there.

What do I do with the travelling wires that lead to both bank of switches because they will no longer be used/needed, and more importantly WHICH WIRES ARE THE TRAVELER WIRES? Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Need help with identifying and terminating "Traveler Wires" for a side entrance

The travelers will be the wires NOT connected to the dark colored screw on the 3 way switches.
Thank you, but which bank of switches are the 3 ways? The lower two in the diagram?

What about where the traveler wires go to the bank of 3 Lutron switches (top left bank of switches)? Those 3 switches do not have any screws, just wires coming out of them with no screws involved in that gang box at all. How can I tell which are the traveler wires in that box?
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