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Need help with fall protection equipment and technique.

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Hello, I need some advice on fall protection technique and equipment. I've done A LOT of research, but this isn't a topic well covered for beginners.

I want to purchase some quality safety equipment for my annual gutter cleaning of my 2 ½ story townhouse. I can’t just move the ladder, so I’ll have to actually get on the roof.

I’ve looked at the ‘kits in a bucket’ but was thinking of purchasing something a little nicer. I'm considering a Falltech harness:

With a 100’ Guardian lifeline:

I don’t want to remove or damage any shingles, so I’m not planning to use an anchor. Instead, I want to tie the rope off to a sturdy object opposite the side I’ll be working and throw it over the roof, letting it hang to the ground on the opposite side. Then I’ll use a rope grab for fall arrest in case I fall from the roof. I’ll also have a friend assist for rescue/recovery.

So, that’s my plan. Any suggestions or advice on the harness I’ve selected or my technique? I’ll also need suggestions for a lanyard and rope grab.

Thanks for the help.
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To be honest i think your somewhat stuck with using a anchor. to tie off and work on the other side of the roof isnt that good of a plan. you do have the option of hiring a gutter cleaner, rather then spending the $200 on a nice harness, rope, lanyard, anchor, anchor nails, not to mention buying your buddy a beer for watching you clean your gutters. However........

The harness youve chosen is a good one, just need to figure out a better way to anchor yourself in.
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