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I'm wiring up a new central air condensing unit and need to know what I can use on the backside of the disconnect box to feed the 10-3 wiring through the new stud wall.
I have pulled the 10-3 wire along the crawl space and brought it up the wall along a stud and would like to terminate it inside the disconnect box. The wall is made up of 1/2 OSB, 3/4 foam, and the vinyl siding that's 3/4 in. thick.
What type of fitting / clamp do I use to enter the backside of the box to go through the wall with that will be water tight also?


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Why did you install 10-3 cable? Does your equipment need both 120 and 240 Volts to operate?

You can bring ordinary romex into the back of an outdoor box, if it's fed directly thru the wall, and no part of the cable is exposed to the weather.

You can use a simple plastic NM bushing/connector like this one:

Or this one:

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