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Need help wiring a new socket

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Currently, I have a box with 2 light switches in it, in the bathroom. The one on the right turns on a fixture above the mirror. The one on the left does nothing, as far as I can see. The old fixture had an outlet in it, but I replaced it and now there are no outlets in the bathroom to plug in a hair dryer. I'd like to remove the left light switch and put an outlet there. Attached are a few pics of what i'm dealing with. I'd like to know if I can just put in an outlet in in place of what is there now. Thanks


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Is there a fan in the bathroom?

There is a fan, but that's wired to another switch altogether, to the left of the ones I'm talking about. I believe that set of switches controls a fan and a heat lamp.
What's interesting is that you appear have black and red wires in that box, but your fan is on a separate switch away from these two?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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