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Need help w/ LED deck lights.

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There is a small floodlight which will be providing light for the deck itself. I might go more creative later, but not sure.

The stairs (4 steps) will have 2 recessed LED's (one in each side) each.

So that's 8 LED's and one 12V transformer.

The power source is in the garage (about 10-12 feet away)

What I'm not sure of is which wire to make "long".

In other words, should I have the low voltage wire be the short one and have the transformer located close to the stairs and the 120V wire going to the garage from there.


Have the low voltage wire run from the LED's to the garage and into the transformer which would then have a short 12V run to the power source?

Sorry if this is a simple question - my brain freezes sometimes w/ electrical stuff.
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I was thinking the same thing - much easier to bury the low voltage wire. I thnk that's what I'm going to do.

I agree that the cost is so much more if you buy one of those ridiculously ripoff priced "kits" you see all over. If you go to a marine supply store and buy the recessed waterproof ones for $3.93 a pop you end up with a much better number :thumbsup:
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