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Need help w/basement remodel plan

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Hi there,

I am going to finish my basement and I have attached a rough sketch of the floor plan. The tricky bit is in the top left of the sketch, you'll see that I have my electrical panel and gas meters on the wall. I can either frame right up to this and build access panels (which may be ugly as it would have to be on both walls) or build a wall a few feet off the foundation wall (which I have used the dotted line for) and that way I would keep the gas meter/electric panel within a larger laundry room area. I would put the doors for this area where the red line is so that while doing laundry, we can keep the those doors open for more space (rather than having doors elsewhere and a solid wall right in front of the laundry machine which may make for a tight working area). I’m thinking about mounting a TV on this wall but have two concerns. 1) Will it look bad to have the TV and laundry room doors on the same wall? 2) is that bad TV placement with the window right next to it?

Or should I be looking into an entire new floor plan all together?

Any thoughts, comments, suggestion are appreciated.



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Unless you are really going to miss the 2' of floor space, I think the wall will be cleaner looking and more useful or easier to get to in the future should you need to.
I agree that it would be a cleaner look, albeit at the expense of some finished space. What would I do for insulation with this configuration? Would I insulate the exterior wall and the new wall? Or just insulate the new wall and leave the exterior wall alone?

I feel like this would make it could in the laundry area and that could spill over into the finished space, especially through the doors leading into the laundry area.
I'm building a closet around mine. With the right design and a 36" door, it satisfies clearances per AHJ.
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