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NEED HELP TONIGHT: Will this cause water damage?

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We are having a contractor (who I don't trust anymore) build an addition for us. We are almost done and I mentioned that the lattice pvc trim boards that butt up to the siding extend out beyond the vinyl siding in a few spots, (they are also flush in a few spots and recessed in a few spots). I brought this up to him tonight and he said that it's fine, that the plywood sheathing is pressure treated and there's tyvek but my thought was that although it probably wouldn't be a problem for a few years, it could rot over time. Should I leave it alone or is this gonna cause a problem? I'm in New Hampshire so we get a lot of snow and winters are harsh.


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#1, The sheathing never should have been pressure treated.
Hard to tell what he's done exactly from that picture at that angle.
That bottom piece of siding looks like the bottom lap is narrower then the rest of the siding, did they cut it and not use any J molding?
Need to figure out what he attached that top rail to.
Here's another picture.

The bottom piece of siding is not cut.

The top pvc rail is screwed into the 4x4 footing posts and a pressure treated cleat that is attached to the plywood underneath the deck.

Why should sheathing not be treated?


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