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I created a post a few months ago about my issue, but things have changed so I thought I start a new post.

I did a reno to a basement washroom, by gutting it and converting it to storage. Where the toilet was located I now just want a laundry sink connected (so the toilet drain is on the floor which is currently plugged with a temp plug). Under the basement is my crawl space with easy access to the plumbing. In the crawl space, there is a 2" T off the 4" toilet pipe where the original washroom sink was connected to (when I removed the sink I capped this 2" pipe).

So my question is, how do I plumb the sink. I read that S traps are illegal, but how do I do a P trap if the drain is vertical to the floor vs horizontal to the wall? Also, is it possible to put some type of reducer on the toilet drain so I can connect the sink to directly? If not, I can drill a new hole and from the crawl space tie into the original 2" sink drain pipe, however this pipe is no longer vented since I disconnected the sink where the venting ran upstairs - but since it connected to the toilet, would that not be vented by itself anyways - basically asking if I need an air admittance valve? If I do (which are legal in our jurisdiction), how do I plumb that into my particular situation. If anyone has a diagram on how to plumb a vertical drain with an air admittance, that would really be appreciated.

Oh, one last question - if I drill a new hole and tie into the 2" sink drain pipe, can I just leave the old toilet drain plugged permanently. Basically I bought one of those rubber plugs where you tighten a bolt which compresses the rubber and seals the toilet - can I leave that as-is?

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