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Need Help Restoring Chrome Bookmarks

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I accidentally deleted a folder of Bookmarks.

I am running Windows 7. I tried doing a Restore, but it didn't get my bookmarks back.

In C:\Users\Me\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default there is file Bookmarks, and a backup file Bookmarks.bak
I tried renaming the backup to Bookmarks, and am semi-successful at getting the lost bookmarks back. The lost bookmarks are back, for a moment, but seems as soon as I touch any of the bookmarks icons, the ones that were previously deleted get deleted again, and the Bookmarks file decreases in size, indicating I just lost those bookmarks again. Did that several times, rebooted in between, etc etc.

Not sure what is going on. Anybody understand how I can get by bookmarks back ?
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I don't use syncing so my Chrome bookmarks are at the default location on my drive:


You should try that path to see what's there. I wouldn't think that location would get abandoned regardless of what else one decided to sync with.

Other than that, you can replace them with a copy plucked from a recent image backup file. You do make frequent drive image backups don't you? I recommend EASEUS TODO freeware to make situations like this easy to recover from.

EASEUS TODO free disk imaging program

Well, I thought it was worth a shot for you but it sounds like you had it covered already.

Mine are surely out of date since I haven't used bookmarks since I started using this Spartan clipboard. It a lot more versatile and user friendly with that chore and lots of other things. I can even run it from a flash drive which makes it nice when working on someone else's computer to have all of my own clipboard and bookmarks available.

Spartan clipboard

Good luck with your recovery,

In C:\Users\Me\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default there is file Bookmarks, and a backup file Bookmarks.bak
I just did a search with Agent Ransack using the path you gave and got no hits on it. I either don't have that file or it's somewhere else on my drive.

I'll check with different terms and see if it's on here somewhere else.

Looks like I do have that file but in a slightly different location than you gave. It doesn't have an extension and it's in script so not very friendly for viewing.


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Or you can convert it to an .html file and it's more sociable.

Chrome Bookmarks to html

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