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Need Help Restoring Chrome Bookmarks

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I accidentally deleted a folder of Bookmarks.

I am running Windows 7. I tried doing a Restore, but it didn't get my bookmarks back.

In C:\Users\Me\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default there is file Bookmarks, and a backup file Bookmarks.bak
I tried renaming the backup to Bookmarks, and am semi-successful at getting the lost bookmarks back. The lost bookmarks are back, for a moment, but seems as soon as I touch any of the bookmarks icons, the ones that were previously deleted get deleted again, and the Bookmarks file decreases in size, indicating I just lost those bookmarks again. Did that several times, rebooted in between, etc etc.

Not sure what is going on. Anybody understand how I can get by bookmarks back ?
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OK. I think I got it back.

My desktop computer was syncing with my android phone (even though I had the phone shut down ???) so I went into chrome settings and turned off syncing of bookmarks. So next time I renamed Bookmarks.bak to Bookmarks it did not revert back to the smaller file.

Lets hope I still have all my bookmarks in the morning.
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I don't use syncing so my Chrome bookmarks are at the default location on my drive:

That path would be your Internet Explorer favorites. You can import them to Chrome, but then Chrome makes its own file. And if you change the Chrome bookmarks, it does not update the IE favorites. The Chrome favorites is a single file, while the IE favorites is a simple folder of web sites.

In fact, Chrome bookmarks that I lost were very close or exactly the same as what I had in IE favorites, so I could have recreated them without too much trouble. Just that I could not figure out why every time I fixed the Bookmarks file, it changed back.
You could actually open it with Notepad and edit it, but I doubt anybody would want to.
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