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Need help replacing leaky shower

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I feel I have watched every possible youtube video, but I cannot find my type of value for my shower.

I have disassembled it this so far, but cannot go any further. I have tried rotating the white part (in both directions), but nothing happens. I have tried loosening the metal part (that looks like a nut), but it wont budge. I have tied pulling the metal part straight off, but nothing.

I have taken pictures in the hope that someone can help identify it, and tell me how to fix/replace it.

Thank you in advance
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That chrome nut has to come off.
100% sure your turning it the right way? Lefty loosy.
Put you big boy pants on and get that nut off ! lol

Try a bigger wrench, your at a dead stop until that nut comes off.
Its a long shot but it could be a left hand thread.
I'm not familiar with that type, but from zooming in the pictures, it looks like the nut could be attached to that outermost half of the cylinder, and maybe the threaded part is where the two halves of the cylinder join? Just a guess on my part since i'm not familiar with it.
I too think the nut is attached, but I will try and soak it in some WD, as well as get a better tool, because channel locks wont work, and my adjustable is just barely too small.

Thanks, I will let y'all know of any outcome.
So after taking a pipe wrench to the nut and turning counter clockwise, the whole metal (silver part) twisted off, it is all one piece. Leaving a bare, threaded pipe:

Flipping through HD's book I found this:

Here is the replacement part:

Here is a side by side of old and new.


I noticed that the selector lever (for hot and code), turns 360 with the knob. I have tried tightening and loosening the metal casing, but it still drips.

Any suggestions?
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Drips where?
You did use pipe dope or tape on the threads, right?

Did you put some lub on that sealing ring?
If its still leaking, there is only one part left to change.
That is the seats inside the valve.
I thought you just put a brand new valve in ???? :huh:
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