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Need help removing old grout and tile

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I am in the process of replacing the floor in the shower stall. I have removed all the floor tile and now need to remove the last row of the wall tile, without damaging the tile. I have a grout scraper, chisel and hammer, but the grout is like a solid block of cement. Is there anything I can do to help speed up the removal process? Oh and I am broke, (a teacher's life) so it has to be done with what is in the house.
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Have no idea how that particular shower is built but if it is built correctly you should...

Well wait a minute !
Why are you doing this to begin with (?), that's the first question.

I wouldn't depend on salvaging the bottom row of tiles.:)

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Grout Problem

I am doing this because floor tiles cracked and began to come up. Also because there is no else. Finally it's a way for me to learn and keep my brain going. If i have to loose the bottom, it will be ok. Now any suggestions?

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You limited my suggestions to what you have in the house---There is no way to remove those tiles without breaking at least one on each wall---once the grout is removed-

-use a utility knife if that's what you have---you will need to pry the tiles off the backer board--that's not likely to happen as the thinset or mastic may be stronger than the tile.

You are right--if your pan has failed the first two rows will need to be removed--But seriously,unless the tile is a historic antique,it will not be worth the effort.
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