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Was wondering what some plumber would suggest to reroute my main stack vent.

Looks like when the dormer was built, there didn't figure to make enough room for the stack too. So they half assed it and it comes out of the wall.

I would like to set it up so it runs up the dormer wall and out of the dormer's roof.

wall construction is 2x4. 4" pipe will not fit.

was thinking like Y ing from the hub into two 3" pipes and running that up the wall. Seems I can not find that type of Y though.

Toilet is roughed in @ 12"(can not move it forward due to joyce.) I bump out the wall behind the toliet to a 2x6, run the 4" all the way up, and goto a 10" toilet. If I went this route, I would use two 45* turns to move the stack out of the wall.



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