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need help quick

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i have gas heat and it is not working. supposed to be 9 degrees tonight so. the problem i am having is that as the heat cycles, the burners ignite, but then go out right before the blower comes on. so that it is blowing out cold air. any help with this would be appreciated.
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I'd get busy looking for threads with a similar problem to yours.

I'm a newbie, but I'd look to see if your control board has an LED which puts out a code to diagnose the error. Or check the flame sensor; there's a recent post with a link to a Youtube video.

Good luck.
is it an 80 or 90% efficient furnace? How old is it?

Sounds like a flame sensor ...can't be sure with out more info.
No make, no model #.
What 's the chances your going to have the needed parts laying around to even fix it this late?
Better get on the phone and call for service.
sounds like a dirty flame picture of furnace with upper door off..ben sr
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Pull the flame sensor out after shutting power off to furnace.
Im guessing its on opposite side of burner compartment from igniter,it will look like a rod with wire connected to top of it .
Clean it with a scuff pad and reinstall,a picture of front of furnace with door off would make it easier to direct you to the location
well I guess he diden't help that quick after guys did a good job in responding to this one .....:thumbsup: ben sr
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