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Need help picking an AC unit

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Hey guys - I've gotten several quotes to have our AC unit replaced and after weeding out the high/low quotes, I've narrowed down the potential vendors that we may go with. All have relatively similar warranties on the labor, parts, unit, etc. so it seems like it's a decision between the models themselves. I'll be going with either a 3-3.5 ton unit. Do any of these models stick out to you as better/worse than the others: Lennox 13acxn, Lennox xc13, trane xr13, Bryant 113ana, or carrier 24abb.

Thanks guys!
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Lennox 13acx is a cheap builder's special unit, xc13 is the main line with a better cabinet.

Bryant and carrier are the same make but don't know anything about the models.

When you pay more for central system, builder's vs premium, you generally get a nicer cabinet, less noise, pressure switches to protect the compressor.

For some brands it means the difference between mexican assembled using all 3rd world parts or american assembled using mostly 3rd world parts.

If you care about employing fellow americans, assuming you're in the US VS. saving money, avoid the lennox builder's line and probably much of carrier's too. (
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