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Need Help on a variation of a Radiator Cover..

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I would thank anyone with some suggestions on this:

I live in a co-op apartment building. Heating an colling is supplied by UniTrane Fan Coil units in each room. For those not familiar, a fan coil units are things you may see in office buidings. They are about three feet off of the floor and can be 3 feet to 5 feet wide or more. They basically work from a central system that pumps hot or cold water into the coil and a blower fan blows into the room, in my case, through the top of unit, but the blower is actually on the bottom of the unit and will basically blow to any open area.

This is the original unit from 1965 and the metal covers are very very ugly. I want to build a cover for it, but have questions as to the facts that it handles heating and cooling, and that it blows, and doesn't radiate...would I have make certain considerations in my design (i.e. should not use wood, etc).

I apologize that this is a rather long-winded question, but any advice that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, Don
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Could you post a couple of pics? And tell us a little more about what your interior design is like or you would like it to be (in other words how, ideally, should the new covers blend in or stand out)? What is your skill set like for making covers or were you planning to have someone make them for you? Do you need the covers to allow access for servicing, adjustment and so forth.

Have you ever found anything close in terms of existing "off the shelf" covers?
Good questions...I'll post some pictures here tomorrow, because I want to open up the cover too and take picks to show the innerds of the system, as I'm thinking of ditching the entire metal cover, if I can (and I'm not sure that I can).

I have three of these units, all 36" from the floor. One is 48" and the other two 40" inches wide, about 10" deep. they are metal with some insulation on the fron access panel. The blower control and the blowing vent is on the top of the units.

There is nothing off the shelf that even comes close to fitting these, and in truth, I wan't to build a mondern looking that covers the unit but actually goes wall to wall serving as a continuous bench, with storgage on both sides of the unit.

I'll those pics tomorrow...

thanks for you good questions and quick response.

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