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Need Help - Making a privacy fence from Hardieplank

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First time posting, so please forgive me if this topic has already been discussed (I tried searching and didn't find anything).

I am a part-time handyman/contractor and am trying to make a privacy fence around a customers trashcans. He is interested in the sides being made from hardieplank. I've never worked with it, but am familiar.

The spans are 72" and 58" (it's a small "L"-shaped area).

Anyone have any experience with making a fence from hardieplank? I am curious if I need to get into framing it out with 2x4 supports 16-24" OC or if a plank can span 72" only secured on the ends (to 4x4s in concrete) without bowing/breaking.

BIG thank you to any comments/feedback/suggestions.

Looking forward to being apart of this community!

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I would do a complete frame up 16" oc and apply the hardieplank horizontally with a 6 1/2" reveal, level all the way around, starting a little above grade to prevent water problems. Then install a cap of 5/4 x 6 Miratek around the perimeter, mitered on all ends for pretty. The Miratek cap will help shed water over the sides and down the hardieplank.
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Hardiplank will not work well at that do the suggested framing out. Ron
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