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Need help identifying this scraper

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There is a youtube below showing a method to remove old putty with steam, and at about 4:00 minutes into the video the guy shows a special scraper which I cant find anywhere. Has a wood handle, and 2 sided blade, at 90 degrees to handle. The blade is tapered , with 2 sides not parallel.

Anybody know where I can buy this? Searched for hours on line.

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Sherwin Williams used to carry a carbide scraper set which included a blade like that. In fact, it contained about 12 different contours. It was a great set. You could pop off a blade and pop on a new one in about 5 secs. I lost some of the blades and eventually lost the kit. Likely at the bottom of a tool box somewhere.

EDIT: Well maybe my memory isn't so sharp. It was a Hyde product. I thought it had 12 different blades, but, this one only shows 6. Might give you a place to start though.
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Probably multiple kinds. Here is one.

Sorry, I only spent 10 seconds on it.
Wow, thats a niiiiice scraper set! Thanks, X!
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This is probably the exact one you are inquiring about. Stortz 145A.
OK, now we got it, X- solid handle, does not get loose, and How you found that is a mmystery, but a big thanks. And to all here who helped. I think Im tending to go for the Stortz over the combo/interchangeable set for now.

This will help my project tremendously. This "pull" type of scraper applied the pressure on the sash putty rails instead of the glass when pulling of putty softened from the steam.......How do I know? I already cracked a section of 100 yr old wavy glass. No ore gambling with cheap tools.
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I bought mine at local Ben Moore dealer but you can order online at 6 double sided blades = 12 contours.

A simple tri angle scraper sold everywhere for the wide flat parts.
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