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Need Help Framing a Window

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Hi Guys,

Found this forum today. Looks like some great info here.:thumbsup:

I need help framing a window which I would like to have extend outward toward the out side. This window will be in front of the kitchen sink. Currently there is a garden window there which is vinyl and is dry cracked from the sun light and need replacing.

I've seen houses where they use what would appear to be 2X12's to do a window "build out". I'm not exactly sure how you would go about framing this though, and what to do on the exterior. The rough opening I'm dealing with is about 38" wide X 41" tall. I was thinking an Anderson 400 series double opening casement style window.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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"I need help framing a window which I would like to have extend outward toward the out side."
What does this mean? Is this a bay or bow window or just a pair of casements that open out? You say extend out but you also say two casements.
Is the current rough opening 38" wide by 41"high or is this the size you're aiming at?
Are you enlarging the opening? Is that why you need to deal with the exterior?
You need to state the current condition. The size of the RO currently?
You need to state what you want to have as a RO.
You need to say exactly what type of window or windows you want in that opening. Bay? Bow?
You need to tell us what exterior your house has.
You need to tell us if this is a bearing wall.
Posting a picture of both the interior and exterior will help.
Sorry, I still don't know what you mean about a 2x12 protruding to the outside.
What's the job of the 2x12?
Okay, I get it now. You will need to deal with a number of issues with this plan.
You will need a roof or roof like structure over this thing. You will need to finish the exterior so it doesn't look like an embolism on the side of the house.
I still don't know what siding material you have, but some of it would need to come off so you could flash the structure properly.
Thanks Ron,
The siding is vinyl which is no proble. I have a brake ect...and have done vinyl. The problem is actuually framing it. Do you know the proper way?? Can I do exactly what I mentioned?? A 2X12 Box??
You will need the window first as you're building the RO for a specific item. A simple box, butt jointed should do it. I'd use 4 1/2-5" screws in the corners along with construction adhesive. The box would then be inserted into the opening, shimmed as needed and insulated.
You might want to widen the frame on the exterior so as to visually make it appropriate. A narrow edging covering the nailing flange might not look the way you want. But this is just ascetics.
You must also frame some sort of shed roof to protect the top exposure to the weather. The overhangs on all three sides should be both visually appropriate and functional.
The flashing detail for this structure is critical to keep the window tight and the interior dry.
Your experience with siding and a break will make this job easier.
A simple shed roof with equal overhangs on all 3 sides would be my choice.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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