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Need Help Framing a Window

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Hi Guys,

Found this forum today. Looks like some great info here.:thumbsup:

I need help framing a window which I would like to have extend outward toward the out side. This window will be in front of the kitchen sink. Currently there is a garden window there which is vinyl and is dry cracked from the sun light and need replacing.

I've seen houses where they use what would appear to be 2X12's to do a window "build out". I'm not exactly sure how you would go about framing this though, and what to do on the exterior. The rough opening I'm dealing with is about 38" wide X 41" tall. I was thinking an Anderson 400 series double opening casement style window.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Thanks for the response....

the rough opening is what is stated. Trying to work within these dim's without reframing

Trying to do what is called a "build out" where the the 2X12 will protrude to the exterior about 6". Seen it done but not sure how it's framed.

The house is vinyl sided. Window will be on the gable end so no load....


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This is what I'm thinkin, picture building a box from 2X12's that fits into the rough opening, and installing the box into the rough opening. Now I would have a box similar to the garden window you see in the pic but the box would protrude outward or to the outside about 6". Then I could install a casement window to the face of the box. This would allow for a shelf on the inside of the box again similar to the garden window.

I think they call it a window build out???

Just not sure if you really can do this, or the proper way to do this....
Thanks Ron,
The siding is vinyl which is no proble. I have a brake ect...and have done vinyl. The problem is actuually framing it. Do you know the proper way?? Can I do exactly what I mentioned?? A 2X12 Box??
Thanks again Ron, I was thinking but have to lay it out of trying to build some sort of hip roof to make it look somewhat decent and not be an eye sore.

Appreciate your input :thumbsup:
OK, built the box worked out great. Installed the window perfectly plumb in a directions....

Now for a roof??? Any recommendations?? It protrudes about 7" from the sheathing. Was thinking I could make some rafters from 3/4" plywood some how to create a bit of an overhang as well??


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