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Need help calculating the length for a cut

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Not sure if I'm just slow today or what, but I can't figure this out. Building a work bench onto a wall using 2x4s. Bench comes 21" from the wall and I'm trying to make the angle cuts to go from the outside 2x4 to the wall (basically a triangle). Can anyone tell me how to figure this?
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Pythagorean theorem

(a^2) * (b^2) = c^2

If both legs are 21" then its

441" + 441" = c^2
882" = c^2
c = 29.7"
Also if you make both legs the same say 16" and 16" then you have essentially the diagonal of a square.

Length of brace would be length of leg times the square root of 2.

Your cuts are easier if the legs are the same. 45 degrees each.
Got it at 30"! Thanks guys! My geometry really stinks!
No problem. Looks like you are off to a great start. Post some progress and finish pics. I'm sure everyone here would like to see it finished!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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