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I couldn’t find an aluminum screen door to fit my exterior door jamb so I had to get creative and now I can't seal the door for bugs.

I have stucco around my door that is not a flat surface or square and I don’t want to cut the stucco because it has metal studs behind it no am I not skilled enough to re-stucco. So I covered it with ¼” plywood and 2x4 door jamb.

The door works well, but now I can’t seal it for bugs. The exterior door threshold is too narrow to go under the screen door so I need a wide sweep to extend over the threshold preferably something to stickup, but screwed on if necessary.

I tried 1” self-stick foam weather-stripping around the sides and top and they fall off. I would like to use a Vinyl Foam Door Seal, but there are so many different styles and I can’t find one that works. I’ve bought a couple of different ones, but they look like they are replacements for something and I don’t seem to have all the pieces to attach them.


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Great Stuff makes a minimum expanding foam sealant, that you apply from the can, let dry, then use a sharp knife and trim to suit yourself.

That might seal from the bugs.

That stick on foam, often is used between two surfaces, like between your stucco, and your framework, just compress it by screwing your framework over it.

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