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I have any old *** furnace in my garage (it is solely the garage furnace). A few days ago the blower was making an awful sound. I removed the cover and belt and confirmed the motor/driver pulley is fine so it is a driven/blower issue (either the pulley bearing or the front shaft bearing or something inside). From my visual the shaft and bearing look OK and the noise seems to be inside. Though to confirm the pulley was OK I tried to remove it. The pulley has 1 bolt tightening to the shaft which I removed. However the pulley will only budge a few mm's - it will not come off. Issue is there is limited space for a puller and no room to hammer.

Any suggestions? Also if/once I get it off, would the bearuing generally be replacable or will I need a new pulley assembly.

Though it does sound more like it is something inside the blower, like a loose fan blade? Any suggestions how I can confirm where the issue is? Do fan blades fail commonly?

Below are a few quick pictures


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Fan blades very rarely fail or come loose. 99% of the time the bearing and shaft are worn and scored and getting tight or making noise.

Remove the entire blower and put the pulley back on. Then spin it and it may sound like gravel or be stiff. You should be able to run it with one finger.

I suspect you need new bearings and a shaft. Spray the shaft and bearings and where the shaft goes thru the blower wheel with lots of WD 40 and then pull the shaft out with the pulley attached. You may have to slowly turn it clockwise while pulling to get it to spin out of the wheel.

I just talked another poster thru a bearing job and you may want to read his story.
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