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need flange for 7 inch chimney pipe

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I'm removing a wood burning fireplace and the chimney runs out the back of my house and on up. I have removed the chimney but the hole through the wall is a little rough and a bit larger than the 7 inch diameter. What i thought might be a solution would be to get a 7 inch cap with a flange that has a 2 inch or so lip on it that would cover the hole in the wall. If that does work where might I find a flange like that? What do you guys think? Any suggestions are welcomed.Thanks.
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Got a picture.
What's on the outside and inside walls that's preventing you from fixing it right instead of just plugging the hole.
I'll post a picture tomorrow. What do you mean fix it right I thought plugging it was the correct fix. Thanks for your help.
Since there is no picture we have to guess. From your description all I can picture is a hole in the inside and outside wall with no insulation in the hole.
How was the outside wall fixed where the chimmney was?
Is this just a sheetrock wall, plaster, paneling?
What I'm trying to suggest is instead of having to look a plug sticking out of the wall why not just patch it so the whole wall looks the same.
Thanks again. The wall I'm talking about is the outside brick wall.
I believe the right way would be to brick it shut.
Fill the hole in with insulation or expansion foam then finish the interior and exterior the the same as the existing.
Ok thanks for all your help.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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