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Hi. I just moved into a new house and finished the basement. Just have the bathroom left. I didn't plan the bathroom as I was framing and now I have to deal with that... stupid mistake.

Here is the deal:
  • I have a pony wall that is about 4.5 feet tall and extends about 7"
  • the walls are fully finished and painted
  • the floor is not done

Here are the options I was thinking:
  1. get free standing tub (our favorite option) but only have 58" to deal with, wall to wall.
  2. get a neo angle shower. Build a 2x4 and plywood wall on top of that pony wall to give me a flat wall as high as I need for the shower. FInish with trim on sides and top of plywood wall.
  3. get a neo angle shower base and tile the walls (this would be neat with that pony wall, a ledge for shampoo and stuff). Just not sure how to deal with the pony wall and how to get that one shower glass wall that would extend out from the finished wall to work.. build a little section to give me a flat wall to attach the shower wall to? Custom glass or plastic?

Any other ideas? I kinda screwed myself building that pony wall... I should have gone all the way up. Oh well, gotta deal with it now. I'll put some pics in too. Bathroom is 58" wide and I have 40" before the side of the toilet.

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