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Need an intercom for a big house

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I own a big rental house on the outer banks. A lot of the renters are requesting a intercom because it is nearly impossible to communicate between floors, and with the kitchen and the living room being on the top floor you have to walk up 3 flights of stairs to talk to people. I need an intercom, but it needs to be wired, because I heard the wireless ones are not very good, and they will be pretty far away from earth other. I was thinking I might be able to do something with the phone lines in the house. Our phone system only uses two of the four wires in the line, and there are already phone lines in every room. Is there a way to wire an intercom with the two extra wires in the phone line?
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Tell them to use their cellphones like everyone else does nowdays, or continue to go old school by getting up and yelling.

Easier instead of hardwired, just use plug in intercoms. But even those are going away, because most people have cellphones these days.

Catch is, you have to have cell service.
We have cell service, but the renters couldnt be more inconvinced by using their cell phones. There is great cell service here btw. In their defense we don't always have our phones on us, and we deffinetly want intercoms. Could you tell me more about these plug in intercoms?
Most are FM type, that use the house wiring. Been around for ages. You can also get phone sets with built in intercoms. Some use the second wire pair (yellow/black) for the Intercom function. Here are quite a few to select from Listing of telephones with intercom features!
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