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Need advise on planning powder room in a closet

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Hello everyone.. ok stupid questions but big advise needed so please be patient with me... I NEED to put a toliet on my first floor and the only place I could put it that would be handy for me is in a coat closet next to the stairs and one of my front doors... my question is I don't know if I can make the closet a tiny bit wider so part of the toliet (to be) be under the stairs a bit. I don't believe I could put a sink in there cause it is too small but I really need a toliet. My disablity is making it harder and harder to keep going up and down the stairs just to go to the bathroom. Any advise or whether it is a plumber I should call carpentier or what.. whatever advise you can give me would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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I suggest you contact a remolding contractor--They could take care of design and build.

Or post a picture here along with the dimensions of the closet and surrounding areas.

Certain clearances are required for a toilet--and a sink should be installed.

Tell us more and you will get some suggestions.---Mike---
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