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I have a traditional tub/shower in our master bedroom washroom, which has the diverter above the tub which turns on water, selects temp and has the knob to divert to shower head. I just bought a Danze 3-in-1 shower panel not realizing it isn't just a replacement for the shower head (like some of these are). This unit is intended to be plumbed direct to hot and cold water lines as it has it's own diverter (on/off and temp settings).

I know the proper way would be to break up the wall to remove the existing diverter and then plumb this up, and I know the width of the unit would hide the wall damage, but I really don't want to go to this extreme.

Instead I'm thinking of combining the hot and cold line on the shower panel and then simply plumbing it to the shower head and hang it on the wall. I suspect this would work, just that I'd have to remember to keep the on/off on the shower panel to on so once I set the original diverter to flow to the showerhead then the new panel will work - obviously the temp control knob on the new panel will also make no difference since the old diverter will still control this.

Wanted some opinions if anyone has done or seen something like this. Would this hack be considered a negative once I go to sell? Another question - if the panel's on/off is set to off and I turn the old diverter to goto shower head, could this cause any issues behind the wall being there will be water pressure to the line but it won't go anywhere (will be blocked with the panel's diverter being off) - I don't think so but would appreciate some advice.

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