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Need advice regarding building an outside sauna

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I am planning on building a small shed to turn into a sauna. I have a heating element (220v) and cedar panels/benches (and neat bucket and dipper). I can build a shed no problem, I am just wondering if there is anything specific I should do considering the purpose of the structure as far as moisture issues.

Everything I have read online says to not use any treated or painted wood, but I would think it would be okay for the subfloor and exterior, since these areas would be outside of the sauna room itself.

Any advice in general regarding building a sauna would be appreciated.

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Ayuh,.... In what part of the planet are ya buildin' this,..??
In Salinas, Monterey county, California. Pretty much a Mediterranean climate, shouldn't have any extreme weather.
Going to need to use pressure treated lumber for the floor joist.
The building will need to be at least 6" up off the ground to protect the sheathing from the splash back.
I'd use Advantec subflooring, it's far more moisture resistant then plywood.
you do not want treated on any interior covering where access to heated moisture will cause gassing. treated can be used exterior though. consider another hardy variety wood for the interior surfaces...
Figuring I'll tile the floor since I have some travertine laying around, and then cedar tongue and groove on the inside walls and ceiling.

Any reason not to put the cedar right on the framing, with insulation, and then painted siding for the outside? I was kinda thinking I should hardibacker under the cedar but would like to avoid that if it's not necessary.

THanks for the advice so far:thumbsup:
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