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Hi guys,

I bought a house a little while ago and the previous owner didn't really maintain the deck. It's a bit worn out, there's still a little bit of paint on it left, there's a hole in one of the floor boards, etc.

I was told this was pressure treated wood. Do i need to have it sanded? Or would pressure washing be ok? I guess i also need to put some sort of solvent on it to strip off the remaining paint?

Also, what do you guys recommend i put on top of the deck after cleaning it? Deck paint? Transparent stain/sealer?

Here's a short video i made:

‪My Deck‬‏ - YouTube

Here are a few pictures i took:

My Deck - Imgur


Edit: Oh yeah, would i be able to do something like use Epoxy to fill up the hole in the floorboard?

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never pressure wash a deck. it is about the worse thing you can do. clean the deck with Oxygen bleach (NOT chlorine bleach). oxygen bleach is not harmful to you or vegetation. the specific name of oxygen bleach is "Sodium percarbonate". it is a powder and mixes with water.. you broom/scrub it on with deck broom.


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I just spent five long days re-doing my worn out deck(oil stained)
Spent many, many hours with a hand-held belt sander getting down to fresh wood, then realized I could have saved hours by renting a flooring machine.
Screwed the hardware below flush, wet it down to raise the grain, and sanded it on a 30-45-75deg. Used a 60 grit belt for fast work. 40 grit would have been better.
Lots of dust, but the air compressor took care of that.
Sanded some more.
Used the router to clean up the edges, and followed up with sandpaper wrapped around a piece of 1x2.
(please excuse the following tangent)Stained it with a mop roller and Cabots Australian Oil stain. No affiliation but that stuff is nice. Previously I had used the darker red "Mahagony Flame" color, but second coats made the wood too dark.
A dark deck heats up more in the summer, and visually looks smaller.
With a mix of old and new wood, there was no way to tell how the stain would turn out. Using the lighter "Cedar" color kept the tone light and the red tint help match it to existing fencing. The lighter-toned stain also cleaned off the siding easier. If the first coat was too light or not the right shade I put another coat with a splash of redder or browner to help the new wood match the existing.

The extra effort was worth it and it's a pleasure to spend time there again.
Chairs slide easy, no more splinters, and it looks and feels clean with socks on.

You could do the same proceedure yourself: machine on the flats, belt sander on the rails, hand-sand everything else.
Another possibility would be replacing the decking boards with composite, but that will be more expensive and change the look.
I'd stay with white or a lighter color paint/stain.
The rails look good(verticals usually do), but everything else should be sanded before being sealed. It will be worth it.
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