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Need advice on new roofing system

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I have a 10' X 22' metal roof that has styrofoam incased inside of the metal (have no idea what this product is called).

This is on a outdoor aluminium lanai that I use as a living space. the roof is like said aluminium with styrofoam inside as insulation. they are 10' by 4' panels that i suppose groove together but are leaking in some of the seams.

There was butyl tape and silicone put down the seams but i dont think they had uv protection and have given in to the weather.

My questions are these (opionions appreciated)

1) should I take off old buytl tape and clean before fixing with new product?

2) should I just fix with a uv approved butyl tape like eternabond? is this good stuff (I live in florida and is exposed to max sunlight)

3) Should I think about covering the whole roof with a uv rated type of peel and stick or should I use a torch down material.

I would like some kind of insulating roof product if I should do the whole roof what is the best product for my style of roof?

4) I know that I could remove the old butyl tape and clean and use a white roll on roof kind of thing but doesn't this stuff start peeling up after awhile and cause a big mess?
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Silicon sucks because silicon only sticks to silicon. Are you sure it's silicon or are you using that as a generic term for caulk?

Contact a roofing contractor to install a flute fill single ply roofing system.
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