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Need advice on drip cap protection for window

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Hi, ya'll from Texas (Austin so not real Texas)

I just have replaced a white wood board on top of the window (the old board could be poked with a finger). The old board was just a bit longer and was hiding a damaged piece of siding (see picture). I decided not to replace siding - too much work right there and instead put lots of Quad clear calking. My plan is to paint it over and call it a day. However, I'm not sure that having exposed right side of the cedar board (primed & painted) is a good idea. Should I take a piece of aluminum and cover both top of the corner of the board and that exposed piece of siding?
Would appreciate any advice.

Thank ya'll.


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I would have cut back the siding a little a slipped in a real flashing.

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Got it. To slip in new flashing would be a challenge (i.e. it will certainly damage siding piece that I don't have time to replace).

I was more looking for advice on how to properly create a 'corner guard' from aluminum and attach it permanently to the setup shown in the picture.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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